Affiliate marketing for dummies – how to find the best affiliate program and make sense with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing program for beginners: What is Affiliate Marketing?

With the advancement in technology and the introduction of e-commerce platforms, companies have been able to come up with effective online marketing procedures that have since helped in maximizing sales. One of such procedures is affiliate marketing which is an online facilitated marketing strategy that involves the promotion of a company’s products by an affiliate body. The whole thing basically involves the product seller and the affiliate who acts as a marketer to the seller.

What an affiliate does is to advertise, recommend and share the products to potential buyers and in return, the company pays the affiliate a commission on all the sales that are made. Since the whole process takes place through various network traffics, all product promotions are done through the use of specialized network links which connect the selling company to other companies. It is through these links that traffic is generated, so depending on the number of clicks on a given link the selling company can know if the affiliate is doing a good job or not. The value of commission earned by the affiliate will vary depending on the number of successful sales.

An affiliate marketing program for beginners can be achieved in two ways; the first option involves registering as another company’s affiliate or in simpler terms joining a network of affiliates. The second option entails you offering the affiliate services to other people or companies at a personal level. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you do not have to worry about acquiring the products as an affiliate. The selling company you are working for provides you with all the products so your job is just to ensure the products are well marketed.

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Making sense with affiliate marketing: Why Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is built upon the principle of revenue sharing; this means that the two parties involved will both get some financial incentives if everything goes as planned. Both the selling company and the affiliate have access to bountiful benefits, as an affiliate, you will have the joy of earning money from the comfort of your home. After everything is set up and running in the right order all you have to do is wait for a customer to click on the link you provided and if the product is impressive the customer will make a purchase.

This makes affiliate marketing quite impressive, you can be earning your share of the profits while asleep, the best part of it all is that you are earning from products that you didn’t invest any capital on. And because a good number of brands opt for affiliate marketing you can be sure as an affiliate that you will never be jobless. As of 2016, it was estimated that over 80% of selling companies use affiliate marketing strategies in baiting their customers. With this statistic, it is right to say that more jobs are on the way for affiliates; this is like a field with an untapped opportunity that anyone is welcome to venture into.

As for the selling companies, partnering with affiliates can help in expanding your territory within the online market. Affiliates are known to boost a company’s reputation because in most cases consumers tend to rely on the affiliate’s opinion than the company’s own opinion. The selling company involved is also likely to save a lot of money that could have been used in hiring product promoters. With affiliate marketing, all you need as a seller is to hire one or two people who have influential websites that can effectively promote your products.

Another reason why a company should consider using an affiliate is that you only pay for the work done. Since commissions are only earned as per the number of successful sales, the company will only pay an affiliate based on the performance in a specific time period. Due to this, you can be sure that the affiliate will always be working hard to promote the products you are selling.

Affiliate marketing program for beginners: 5 steps to start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing for dummies Step 1: Find a Niche

As an affiliate, it is recommended that you choose your niche wisely as it will determine your success in the business. The desire to host a number of products on your website may be overwhelming but it may not work for you especially as a beginner. Before choosing a niche it is important that you get familiar with the content on your website. This will assist in determining the areas where you need to put more focus, it will also make the product promotion part very easy. It is also advisable that you go for things that you have some basic knowledge about. Going for topics you are familiar with will highly boost your level of delivery. Passion also counts in this respect, never go for topics that you are not passionate about.

When choosing a niche it is also important to go for products that can easily be bought by a customer. You can use a Gravity Score metric to carry out product analysis, through this you will be able to know how likely you are to sell a given product in the niche chosen. Also, make sure that the niche you choose does not have many affiliates, this will create a lot of competition within the niche and is also likely to lower your profits.

Affiliate marketing for dummies Step 2: Sign up for affiliate programs

After successfully choosing a niche that you are comfortable with the next step is to sign up as an affiliate. There are several affiliate programs from which you can choose from as a beginner but what you should keep in mind is that not all are legit. Many of these programs will give false hopes or recommend certain remedies that will earn you quick money. In as much as earning your first affiliate salary may sound exciting it is good to keep in mind that nothing comes easy, especially if it involves money. This is a field that requires hard work and patience so do not be played for a fool by some of the cons.

Before attempting any sign-ups ensure that you make use of the available information on the internet. Through the reviews provided by other affiliates, you can determine which programs will best suit your needs. The best affiliate programs are those that are branded, with these you can be sure to get all the money that you earn.

Affiliate marketing for dummies Step 3: Build a “sales funnel”

Sales funnels are very important when it comes to digital marketing through them, you can effectively track your progress in online sales and also turn website visitors to customers. They can also help you get more customers on your websites by giving you a visual insight on how you can make excellent pitches to potential buyers. You can also use sales funnels to trace the behavior of your prospects. With the knowledge gotten from the funnels, you can know which areas need adjustment for you to be successful as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing for dummies Step 4: Drive traffic to the funnel

Funnels are only effective when there is a good flow of traffic, the easiest way you can draw traffic to your funnel is through the use of social media. You can achieve this by making use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. By posting the contents of your website on these platforms your site will get more visitors who with time may turn out to be buyers. Always choose a platform that favors the product you are trying to promote.

A site such as Pinterest is one of the commonly used sites when it comes to product promotion. The number of visitors that you get on your website will also depend on the way your website is organized. Make sure to use catchy headings that can easily get someone’s attention. If you are posting images ensure that they are of high quality and attractive, people are likely to click on such images.

Affiliate marketing for dummies Step 5: Build a relationship and pitch them via email marketing

For decades emails have been the most commonly used method of communication especially in the world of business. In as much as a majority of the content sent via emails is official it is important to give the email some personal touch. This will aid in the formation of good business relations among the parties involved. Building relationships is one way through which you can boost your business as an affiliate. Through this, you can carry out email marketing to potential buyers and in the event that you have some good friends, they may also refer you via emails. Referrals can help you expand more on your pitching. So it is good to keep in mind that when sending an email always assume that the recipient is a good friend of yours, this will lead to the formation of a good business relationship.

Making sense with affiliate marketing: Why you should build a funnel and email list.

As we have seen, building funnels and emails is key to success in any online marketing strategy. It is therefore mandatory that you have an email list and a funnel that has good traffic flow before you begin your journey in online marketing. Here are some of the reasons why the two are crucial components especially for affiliate beginners.

1. Ad cost is getting higher

For years people have relied on ads in product promotion, because of the high demand for ad services, ad hosting websites have since increased the charges. Google ads which is the world’s leading ad hosting platform now charges $ 1 to $ 2 per click on average. As a beginner, we both know that getting that amount will not be easy so it will be wise to go for cheaper alternatives like having an email list and building funnels.

2. The money in the list

Having a good email list means you will be making some good money. Each person on your list is potentially your source of income, so the higher the number the more money you will earn. It is worth noting that the email list should be of high quality, only add people who are likely to promote your growth as an affiliate. Always carry out some maintenance by deleting names of customers that you are no longer in contact with. This will give you an easy time organizing all your emails.

3. it’s a long term asset

An email list that is well formulated can serve you for a very long time. Through it, you may have long-lasting customers whom you can always count on. This can come in handy in cases where there is a lot of competition. As other affiliates struggle to get the few available customers you will be making use of the already formed relationships between you and your customers.

Affiliate marketing program for beginners: Tools you need for affiliate marketing.

1. Clickfunnels – funnel builder: Why you should use Clickfunnels to build your sales funnels

Building sales funnels can be a stressful process but when ClickFunnels is used the whole procedure takes just a few minutes. All you need to get started is a ClickFunnels account, with this you will have a working sales funnel in no time.

2. Active campaign – email autoresponder: Why you should use Active campaign to build your list

Using an autoresponder will save you a lot of time when it comes to sending emails to different groups of people. Since the whole process is automated you can effectively carry out marketing campaigns by making use of your email list. This can be a cost-effective way of promoting the products being sold.

3. Wealthy Affiliate – website hosting and support community: Why you should join wealthy affiliate.

Being part of a wealthy affiliate program increases your chances of earning more profit. This is mainly because such programs often pay you exactly what you earn, unlike other affiliate programs they don’t make unnecessary deductions on the commissions that you earn.

Making sense with affiliate marketing: How to build your funnel

1. Build a “funnel” using Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is fairly easy to use all you need is some basic knowledge on how the whole affiliate concept works. To start you must go through the free sing up process on the site. The process takes less than a minute and provides you with a free 14-day trial.

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2. Build an opt-in page

An opt-in page will help you in managing the available squeeze page; a squeeze page is designed for the sole purpose of gathering contact information. It is, therefore, necessary to have an opt-in to effectively handle all your contacts.

3. Setup follow up emails – Active Campaign

Through active campaigns, you can effectively make more profits by automating the whole email marketing process. This will enable you to make the necessary customer follow-ups thereby increasing your chances of achieving a successful sale.

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4. Integrate Clickfunnels with active campaign

Combining Clickfunnels with the active campaign will allow you to collect more leads from the clickfunnels. This process requires an active campaign account from which you get the needed URL and API key.

5. Drive traffic

Optimizing the link to your site and offering high-value content on social media platforms can be a good way of driving more traffic.

Making sense with affiliate marketing: How to Drive Traffic to Your Funnel

Solo ads: How to drive traffic from solo ads

Solo ads are among the fastest ways through which you can drive more traffic to your site. The entire process simply involves giving another marketer emails to send on your behalf and in return you pay the person depending on the number of clicks. When going for this ensure that the ad seller has a good reputation to increase your chances of making a sale. Ensure that all the content sent to the ad seller is of high quality and value. You can go to to get high-quality solo ads.

Email marketing: How to drive traffic from email marketing

Email marketing highly depends on the list of subscribers that you have, all your landing pages should be synchronized with the available active campaign. This will let your visitors know more about the products you are promoting. One of the best email service providers is active campaign, to sign up visit Get free training on the same by going to

YouTube videos: How to drive traffic from YouTube

YouTube is also another effective way through which you can drive traffic to your affiliate site. By using short descriptive videos you can let people know some of the products that you are dealing in.

Facebook ads

Facebook has been hosting ads for several online marketers and it has proved to be very successful in driving high-quality traffic. Facebook creates campaigns which can help you achieve the desired objective.

Blog Traffic: How to drive traffic from blogs

Blogging high-quality content can be a good way to generate more traffic to your affiliate site. Through guest blogging you can also get more visitors. One of the best blogging platforms is Wealthy affiliate, you can go to to sign up. If you want to learn more, you can go to for the free training.

Others Ways to Drive Traffic

You can go to to learn more.


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